Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Play becomes celebration; celebration becomes work; work becomes play," wrote Johannes Itten

Barbican -Bauhaus: Art as Life - as it should be

 Went to see the Bauhaus show at the Barbican yesterday, totally amazing, but then the Bauhaus is.  I became really intrigued in the precedence play was given to the creative process.  I am becoming more and more drawn to the notion of play and how important it really is not just to  artistic development but to life in general.  Going on my basic understanding (more reading is necessary) play is encouraged in children, as they learn skills through it, but not encouraged in adults and some how I think it is just as crucial for adults.  I'd like to tap into that within my own work.  The Bauhaus were onto something there, play is so important.

The costumes and puppets made in the Theatre Workshop in particular were really exciting
 Paul Klee's puppets


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