Sunday, 17 February 2013

A journey

Attempted to photograph my work in the garden today.  
I wanted to have it in and amongst a natural-esque setting. 
I thought it would be quite easy to do, however, in reality it wasn't.  
I have gotten a good idea of how it will look but need to properly plan where I want to hang it and probably set/build some kind of structure to make it seamlessly fit into its surroundings. 

I did like the idea of capturing the work's journey up the garden how it is carried up high, how it moves/gets tangled up in things and then comes to a final resting place.  Food for thought

Friday, 8 February 2013


My alphabet piece, which took me forever to make and then even longer to decide how to puzzle it all together, has finally been assembled, well virtually at least.  The problem now is finding a white wall big enough to hang it on so it can be photographed as a whole.  I don't think this piece will ever stop stressing me out!   But any way managing to get all these images grouped together is a real achievement for me so I am a happy bunny for today :) 


My new business cards have arrived people....
Its all steam ahead, it's all looking really good at the moment.  Three pieces are so close to being finished now and two more well on the way, exciting times!!! 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Reverting back

 Well we made it, the basic structure at least, but now that I see it standing, I think just the bar suspended will suffice. I am going to put white rubber stoppers on the ends and try photographing it in the garden as well as in front of a white wall stay tuned.....