Monday, 16 June 2014

Mundanity, Monotony, Recovery

I do believe I have had a bit of a break through with the crochet piece.  I thought about it a lot and I don't feel I possess the conceptual ability at the moment that could physically convey the intangible.  Perhaps it is too close, too raw to objectively analyse the work.  So, I started to question why it was I was crocheting in the first place.  The answer? For comfort, distraction, direction.  The crochet is still doing its duty.  The act itself is giving me comfort.  There it is.  I will continue to crochet until I am 'recovered'.  In the meantime a pile of strips will be formed.  Lets hope it doesn't get too high! 

 Rosemarie Trockel - Lucky Devil, 2012

Monday, 9 June 2014

Honesty Through Crochet

 I have been absent for quite a while now.  A lot needed to change and a lot has.  A lot of lessons have been learnt and not and there has been a lot of happiness and sadness along the way.  Besides being fairly busy I have felt like I haven't been able to contribute a great deal to my art making.  This is thankfully changing now.  I taught myself to crochet (albeit very basically for now) and this has tied in with a few markers in my life that have caused change.  I am still struggling with the changes, however, have felt that the crochet and the medium with which I am constructing these strips can form a physical manifestation of the thing that isn’t tangible in my life but at the moment seems to be consuming it.  The act/art/tradition of crochet and knitting is to create something that warms, comforts, protects.  Three things I am deliberately not allowing the strips to do, through the various household strings, strimmer thread and lengths of washing line.  I haven’t decided yet how to present the strips.  It has to demonstrate that physicality cannot console the intangible.