Thursday, 3 January 2013

Philip, Keith and Florescent Colours

The piece is finally up, still can't quite work out the reasons for making and where it's heading, but I am quite happy with it being another link in the chain.  I do feel that some more work is needed.  I definitely want to simplify/abstract further, with the focus being on shape and form.  I am becoming increasingly interested in semiotics and sign systems.  I like that idea of creating a language in shape format, which could help strengthen the visual continuation.  I have been looking in particular at the works of Keith Haring and Philip Guston, who have used recurring forms, albeit figurative in nature, which help generate a strength and permanence to the art. 

I have also managed to pick up 'My first Octagons', which coincidently and unintentionally are the same colours as the cloths above; still keeping the idea of play in mind. It's drawing time I think....

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