Friday, 19 July 2013

Each Day a New Face

Ideas are slowly manifesting with the uncertainties of creating still rife.  The only way through is to keep making, so each day there will be adding, subtracting and rearranging to create a new face each day.
On visiting Tate Modern I was bowled over by an exhibition of African Artist Meschac Gaba.  I am still getting my head around the concepts and ideas behind his work but visually it was great.  I especially took to his 'Game Room' where visitors were invited to play with six sliding puzzles depicting the flags of various African countries.

I liked the interaction, the altering, and unknown outcome, yet can be reverted back to the original if/when necessary.  This has spurred me on to create/recreate a face each day.

Day 1.

I will be updating the blog as well as my Instagram feed daily
Stay tuned...

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